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Beauty, Brains, and Personality!  Contrary to popular belief, the Australian Shepherd is an All-American Breed.  It's roots can be traced back the the ranches of the American west and south.  Looking for an all-around working dog, the ranchers needed dogs who could think on their own, work all day and protect their stock as well as being a family companion.  If you are looking for a dog with an intense desire to please and who is very loyal to you and your family, the Aussie will make you a wonderful companion as well as a great working partner if you have livestock. 

All of the above mentioned traits found in the Aussie could make it an unsuitable companion for some people.  Find out and research about their personality, history, and all of those wonderful colors that make them so unique.  Once you do, you will appreciate your best friend a little more.  Maybe you'll even decide an Aussie is in your future.   



*Credit - ASCA link

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Health & Genetics

Who doesn't want a healthy best friend... one who remains active long into old age?  Sadly, hereditary diseases are on the rise in all breeds.  A growing number of dogs are dying before even reaching old age, or are reaching old age but with chronic health problems.  Understandng the genetics and potential health issues affecting this wonderful breed is a good first step in halting this upward trend.  Responsible Breeding is KEY!

Fortunately for Aussie owners, ASHGI, the Australian Shepherd Health and Genetics Institute, was founded to better understand the genetics behind our breed, develop DNA testing for prevention, and to spread this knowledge to benefit current and future generations.  ASCA and Aussie owners everywhere owe a big debt of gratitude to ASHGI. 


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*Credit: ASCA Link

Health & Genetics
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Most Aussies are not content to be couch potatoes.  Although they have individual characters, some are more sedate and quiet natured than others.  For the most part, however, these are high energy dogs who need a purpose in their lives - a job!  Owners must be committed to give these dogs the time and attention they require through play and training, for as with any dog, undirected energy can turn towards destructive behaviors such as diggin and chewing.  Running, jumping, and rough-housing are all a part of being a normal Aussie!

Aussies are quite capable of out thinking their owners.  Obedience training is highly recommended as a means of teaching the owners how to channel a typical Aussie's innate desire to please into appropriate behaviors.  Aussies learn very quickly, so be certain you are willing to keep your Aussie occupied with walks, toys, play, and training to benefit both mind and body!

*Credit - ASCA Link

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